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Recent Tech Tips

Mountain School Tech Tips

The Mountain School Tech Tips cover a variety of topics of interest to climbers, skiers and hikers and were origionally published in the KMC Newsletter. They are collected here as PDF files, but there is much interesting reading in each issue of the KMC Newsletter.

Newsletter IssueTech Tip Article PDF
June 2013 The Best Use of Weather Forecasts
October to December 2011 Avoiding the Clusterf**k
January to March 2011 Evaluating Terrain
November/December 2010 Considering Considerable and Other Conundrums
October 2010 KMC AGM Notes from Shaun King's presentation How to Improve Your Safety Margin
September/October 2010 Winter Weather Websites
May/August 2010 Safe Glacier Travel
March/April 2010 Mapping Software
January/February 2010 Group Management Strategies
September/October 2009 Three Tips for Trip Leaders
July/August 2009 Using iMapBC
May/June 2009 Using BC Basemap
March/April 2009 Safe Spring Snow Hiking
January/February 2009 Organizing a Group Avalanche Rescue
November/December 2008 Digging Out Avalanche Victims
September/October 2008 Scrambling Safety
May/June 2008 CAA Spring Conference
March/April 2008 Tips For Keeping Groups Together
January/February 2008 What To Carry In Your Winter Pack
July/August 2007 Error Correction or Avoiding Mountain Accidents
May/June 2007 Rappel Safety
March/April 2007 Navigation Tips
January/February 2007 What's New With Avalanche Transceivers
November/December 2006 The Avaluator
September/October 2006 Heurisitc Traps in Avalanche Accidents
July/August 2006 Climbing Ropes
May/June 2006 All About Ice Axes