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KMC Club Publications

Club publications stretch back to the founding of the club as The Kootenay Section of the Alpine Club of Canada. The Kootenay Karabiner was the yearly (twice yearly in the first few years) Journal of the club's activities. They are very interesting reading. The link at the left will take you to a complete listing of the 41 issues from 1964 to 2000 in PDF format.

The club has been producing newsletters for almost as long. Published more often than the Karabiner, it is only since the 2002 issues that we have PDF copies. The link at left will take you to a list of all those issues, with the most current always riding at the top of the list.

Note: The Karabiner and Mountaineer links are all links to PDF documents that will start to download. The Karabiners can be quite large.

Club and Kootenay Mountain History

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