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The Huckleberry Hut

Huckleberry Hut
Huckleberry Hut after KMC summer work party

Built early last century to work a mining claim on Spotted Horse Creek, the Huckleberry Cabin was restored by the Kootenay Section of the Alpine Club of Canada in 1963, with further restoration work done in 1985 and 1986. Today, the Huckleberry Hut is a cosy log cabin situated at around 1600 metres in the valley below Midday and Cabin Peaks. The Huckleberry Hut is very small. There are two bunks (no foam mattresses) which will each sleep two, top to tail. There is also a fold-down table, wood stove and outhouse. Basic cooking utensils (pots, pans, cups, bowls, plates, cutlery, etc.) are stored in a plastic bin. There is also a two burner propane stove and lantern (take spare mantels). You will need to bring your own propane for the stove and lantern.

Summer and winter access to the Huckleberry Hut is via Porto Rico Road, 15 km south of Nelson off Highway 6. In summer you can drive up 3 km and park there. From here you take the lower fork in the road up another 3 km ( this section of road is deactivated but is passable in a high clearance 4X4) to a junction where an old road leads off to the left. Park here, and walk the remaining two kilometres to the cabin. Allow one to two hours hiking time.

In winter, ski up Porto Rico Road from the highway and take the junction as noted above. Allow three to six hours.

Water is available from a stream that crosses the road about one hundred metres beyond the cabin.

Link to page with WGS84 coordinates to Huckleberry Hut:

Note - As of 2016 we've added new propane camp stoves and lanterns to each of the cabins. Folks must supply their own propane canisters for fueling them. The propane bottles are the 1 lb. Coleman bottles.