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The KMC Summit Register Program

Did you know the Kootenay Mountaineering Club has a summit register program? Ron Perrier started this program in 1998 and it provides funds for registers to be place on Canadian mountains.

Mountains in our geographic area would generally include the West Kootenay which is the southern Selkirk Mts, the eastern watershed of the Monashees and the western watershed of the Purcells. The remoteness, height and difficulty should all have importance. Trails to peaks would not qualify for a register canister.

A mountain top is a real torture test for materials. Containers must withstand intense UV radiation, rain, hail, snow, repeated freeze/thaw cycles and possibly hungry rodent’s teeth. For anyone visiting a mountain top, make sure the register canister is placed inside the cairn to avoid the elements.

If you don’t mind extra weight, there are always peaks that need a register canister.

The KMC Summit Register Program is directed by Vicki Hart. For all the details, refer to the summit register program document. Below are a few images and stories of the recent efforts.

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