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What it's about
The KMC Bylaws KMC-Bylaws_2017.pdf
The KMC Constitution KMC-Constitution_2017.pdf
KMC Membership Form for land mail use. KMC_Membership_Form.pdf
Guidelines for procedures and handling of emergency back-country events, updated March, 2014 EMERGENCY-EVENT-GUIDELINES.pdf
Form for reporting an incident to the FMCBC FMCBC-Incident-Reporting-Form.pdf
Insurance and waiver instructions for the FMCBC FMCBC-Insurance-and-waiver-instructions.pdf
The FMCBC/KMC Basic Waiver FMCBC-KMC-Basic-Waiver.pdf
KMC summit register program. Where they are, where they are needed, where they need to be replaced. Mountain-Register-Program.pdf
KMC trip grading scale KMC-Trip-Grading-Scale.pdf
Rossland Range Cabin Coordinates Coordinates of Rossland Range Cabins
The responsibilities of a KMC trip coordinator Trip-Coordinators-Responsibilities.pdf
The responsibilities for a trip participant Trip-Participants-Responsibilities.pdf
KMC Guidelines for payment to carpool driversCarpoolGuidelines.html
Checklist for before heading out on a winter outing Winter-Trailhead-Procedure-Checklist.pdf
What to tell people waiting at home for you Trip-Plan-to-leave-at-home.pdf
The registration form for a club outing. trip-registration.pdf
A route card to share with the group route-card.pdf
An example route card for Mt. Loki loki-route-card.pdf
Trip sheet & report (Loki example) summer-trip-sheet-loki.pdf
50th Anniversary 50 Summit Challenge eligible peaks 50-summit-challenge-peaks.pdf